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Bathroom Remodeling and Upgrades

Planning on changing the look of your bathroom? We can help. We can remodel your bathroom or perform upgrades using the best-quality products available on the market - you choose what you want. We can install new showers, bathtubs (both air systems and jets), pedestals, low-flush water closets, faucets, bidets, steam systems, and custom showers. We also install combined toilets and bidets for the ultimate in bathroom luxury.

Why upgrade?
It’s simple - upgrading your bathroom raises the value of your house for resell purposes, and also saves you money by replacing old, inefficient fixtures that waste water and energy. Your utility bills are guaranteed to be much lower.

Our excellent workmanship guarantees quality service  the will last for years to come
Peel Region Toilet Replacement programSupertec is proud to offer water-efficient toilets that are approved by Peel Region’s Resident Toilet Replacement Program. Installing one of these water-saving toilets saves you money on your water bills, and also prevents wasted water - these toilets use 6L of water or less per flush! Please visit the Resident Toilet Replacement Program website for more information on potential rebates and savings from owning a water-efficient toilet.

Call us for a free remodeling estimate. Please visit our Products page for more information on the diverse range of fixtures and upgrades we recommend for your home.

Remember, the sooner you address the problem, the better - calling us at the start of a problem will prevent cumulative damages, thereby saving you money.
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