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Frequently asked plumbing questions

What causes rattling pipes?
A: The problem may lie with the fact that the water lines are not properly isolated, the harmonic bounce of your pipes is off, or quickly closing water valves may all contribute to such a problem. We recommend an inspection to end the problem.

Why did my toilet suddenly go dry?
A: This is caused by poor or no venting of the fixture, an internal leak, or plugged sewer lines.

What can cause kitchen drain problems?
A: Your drainage system setup may not be properly installed, or your pipes may need to be cleaned.

Why would a toilet gurgle and bubble when flushed?
A: There may be several factors contributing to this problem - tubes may not be properly sealed, the refill rate may be too high or too low, the vent pipe for the waste system may be clogged, or the vent pipe may not be appropriate for your home setup and location. We recommend that a professional determine the nature of the problem.

Why is the water level in the toilet low after each flush?
A: This may have to do with adjustments that should be made on the ballcock inside the tank, or the overflow tube. A hose may not be properly connected between the two, or the ballcock settings may need to be readjusted.

How can you increase water pressure in showers and faucets?
A: If your lines are not clogged, you can fix this problem by adjusting the diameter of your pipelines. If there is a clogging problem, you may try removing the aerator off the end of your tap and running both hot and cold water each for several minutes to see if it increases pressure.

What causes air and ‘sputtering’ in water lines?
A: A failed air volume control valve may be causing problems in your water tank.

What causes white particles in the water?
A: It is most likely sediment from your water heater - chemicals added to tap water tend to clump and fall to the bottom of a water heater when it is not being used. It may also be from the dip tube inside the heater. The best solution in this case is to replace your water heater and clean out your pipes. If you live in an area with hard water, it may be caused by calcium deposits as well.

How do you prevent roots from taking over your sewer line?
A: The drain must be snaked and cleaned out, and then certain products may be used to prevent roots form growing any further. If it is a major problem, or if your pipes are blocked, they may need to be replaced.

Why is there a septic odour in my bathroom?
A: Your wax rings may need to be replaced, or there may be problems with your drains or gas vents. It is recommended that you have the problem assessed by a professional as soon as possible.

What are the benefits to owning a water-efficient toilet?
A: Water-efficient toilets prevent excess water from being wasted with each flush, thereby cutting your water bills drastically. Most regular toilets use 13L of water per flush, whereas water-efficient toilets use 1.5-6L each time. It is recommended that you have your specific needs assessed to purchase the best water-efficient toilet possible to suit your needs.

When should I replace my water heater?
A: Although many components of water heaters are designed to be replaceable, the unit itself must be replaced if there is a leak, corrosion, a major malfunction, or if the unit itself is more than eight years old. A water heater corrodes a lot faster than other plumbing parts due to the fact that it is constantly kept at high temperatures, so it is best to check it every few months for any damage.

Why won’t my dishwasher drain?
A: This may be because either your drain screen or drain line is clogged.

How often should I schedule a routine maintenance?
A: Prevention is the best cure - you should have your house inspected at least once a year, before rainy season starts, in order to prevent any problems.

Why should I get a home drain line inspection before purchasing a new house?
A: Home drain line inspections will tell you if there are any major problems with the unseen pipes that comprise the plumbing system. It can help you decide whether or not to buy a house, as sometimes an inspection can warn you about potential costly repairs.

Why should I upgrade my bathroom?
A: Upgrading your bathroom increases the resell value of your home, and make it look more attractive.

What is upfront pricing?
A: Upfront pricing ensures that you pay what your estimate states prior to the job’s completion, so there are no hidden fees.

Can putting eggshells and coffee grounds in my garburator clog the pipes?
A: It may, but eggshells and coffee beans are usually ok if you flush them down properly and do not overload the pipes. It is recommended that you stay away from stringy items, such as corn husks, which can wrap around blades or forms lumps that can clog your drains. If, however, you have a septic tank, coffee grounds or anything else that may clog the pipes are not advised.

Why does the toilet tank run continually when I flush?
A: Your flush valve may be overflowing due to a bad fill valve, or your float may be set too high. Alternatively, the flap on the bottom may not be closing properly.

Why does it take so long for my shower water to warm up?
A: It may be that the lines are far apart. An option is to install a pump on the heater itself that will constantly circulate hot water to the bathroom.

How does video technology help repair faulty pipes?
A: Video technology can help plumbers see what is wrong with a pipe, and where. A video camera attached to a length of hose is pushed through the pipes to check for cracks, root growth, crushed, shifted, or damage pipes. It can also show you the repairs after the job is completed.

What is a ‘snake’ used for?
A: Snakes are flexible cables made of spiraled metal wire that can be “snaked” through pipes to loosen any debris that may be clogging them.

How do you remove air from the water lines?
A: Hammer arrestors can be installed at the high point of every water line.

How can I reduce my monthly water bills?
A: One of the best ways to do this is to be conservative about water use, and to install a water-efficient toilet - they can use as little as 1/10 th the amount of water per flush that a regular toilet does.


Remember, the sooner you address the problem, the better - calling us at the start of a problem will prevent cumulative damages, thereby saving you money.
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