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Plumbing Tips
There are many preventative measures that can be undertaken to ensure your plumbing system remains fully functional, and even prevent certain plumbing emergencies. Repairs are best left in the hands of professionals, who are equipped to deal with any other situations, should they arise. Simple upkeep is the best prevention, but be aware that performing preventative maintenance incorrectly can lead to problems.

Clogged drains?
Prevent your drains from becoming clogged. In the kitchen, food is most often the culprit, whereas in the bathroom, soap and hair are usually what causes a plug. You can keep your drains clog-free and problem-free easily:

  • Don’t pour grease or coffee grinds down the kitchen sink. If you suspect your drain is clogged with grease or food, try running hot water down the drain to loosen any particles.
  • Be wary of chemical cleaners, many can corrode pipes
  • Clean the drain stopper in your bathtub or shower every few weeks.
  • Be careful where you plant trees on your property. Have your pipelines inspected first by a professional so there is less of a chance of root invasion into your pipelines.

Leaving home for the winter?
Winterize your plumbing to avoid frozen pipes if you are leaving for the winter. All pipes must be drained and the water shut off. Be sure that all water is drained to prevent freezing and cracking in your pipes.

Is your showerhead spraying erratically?
Keeping your showerhead in good working order saves money on your water bills. If a shower head is leaking, it may have to be replaced. If the spray is weak or erratic, there may be an accumulation of minerals blocking the plate. Remove the plate and soak it overnight in vinegar before scrubbing it clean.

Is your toilet leaking?
Think you may have a leaking toilet? Often times, it is simply a condensation problem. To check, add several drops of food colouring to your toilet tank. Wait an hour, and touch a fresh tissue to the bolt tips and nuts under the tanks. If the water is clear, then it is simply an issue of condensation. Condensation can be dangerous, however, as it may rot flooring and encourage the growth of mildew. If condensation is a persistent problem, you may want to have your toilet tank insulated.

Do you have a leaking pipe?
Stains on the wall or ceiling, or a higher-than-normal water bill may be indications that you have a leaking pipe. Check all of your fixtures to ensure they are tightly closed, and listen for the sound of running water. If you cannot locate a leak, check your water meter to see if it’s running. Leaking pipes can raise water bills significantly. Call a plumbing technician to assess the problem and any damages caused.


Want an optimized water heater?
Keep your hot water heater working optimally longer by preventing the accumulation of sediment. Every six months, open the drain valve at the bottom and drain the water out entirely (usually about 5 gallons) until it runs clear. Replace your water heater according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember, the sooner you address the problem, the better - calling us at the start of a problem will prevent cumulative damages, thereby saving you money.
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